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Investment Monitoring:

  • construction of the expressway Zwardoń – Żywiec
  • construction of the ring road of Stalowa Wola
  • construction of the ring road of  Rzeszów
  • construction of Expressway S-1 Bielsko – Cieszyn
  • reconstruction of Voivodeship Road  212 in Chojnice
  • reconstruction of Voivodeship  723 in Tarnobrzeg
  • expansion of National Road 11, section:  Motorway Junction A-2 Krzesiny – Kórnik
  • construction of Cross-town Road „Zachód”, sections R1, R2 in  Ruda Śląska
  • reconstruction of the streets: Podwale Grodzkie – Wały Jagiellońskie in Gdańsk, section Wały Piastowskie – Hucisko
  • construction of the sewage system in the town of  Rybnik district Chwałowice
  • reparation of  Bielańskie flyovers in Warsaw
  • Expansion of the historic building of the Public Library  (Wojewódzka & Miejska Bibliotka Publiczna in Gorzów Wlkp.)
  • construction of the ring road in the town of  Biecz
  • construction of a multi-family building in w Leszno
  • modernization and electrification of railway line CE-59 section Międzylesie – state border
  • expansion of  Procter & Gamble Headquarters in Warsaw
  • expansion of National Road S-11 Poznań – Kórnik
  • expansion of National Road S-11 Poznań – Kórnik, stage IV
  • reconstruction of National Road 16 in Iława
  • expansion of   Zachodnia Street from Legionów to Lutomierska Streets in Łódź
  • construction of North Downtown Ring Road in  Wrocław
  • construction of south ring road in the town of  Siewierz in the traffic route of National Road 78
  • reconstruction of National Road 5 section Żnin – Bożejewiczki and reconstruction of National Road 1 within the section of  Warlubie – Bzowo
  • construction of  WSA, stage II in Poznań, Ratajczaka Street
  • reconstruction of National Road 1, section Morgi – Warlubie
  • construction of the ring road in  Serock, in the traffic route of National Road 61
  • modernization of railway line  20 within the station Warszawa Gdańska in connection with railway line E65 and underground station A17 „Dworzec Gdański” (Task 1) and extensive realisation of an pedestrian underpass connecting the underground station A17 „Dworzec Gdański” with the railway station  PKP „Warszawa Gdańska” and Żoliborz (Task 2)
  • reconstruction of Voivodeship Road 504 in Frombork
  • construction of the highroad W-Z in Gdańsk, excluding the junction Karczemki, in the traffic route of National Road 7
  • extension of Voivodeship Road 218 as the entry road to  Trójmiasto section G2a
  • extension of National Road 1 section Bzowo – Dolna Grupa
  • extension of National Road 25 section Koronowo – Bydgoszcz
  • construction of a bicycle lane in Gdańsk along  Opata J. Rybińskiego and Stary Rynek Oliwski Street
  • reconstruction of the road system in Rumia Reda
  • realisation of the sewage system and water system  – district  Nadbrzeżna and K. Miarki Streets in  Jelenia Góra
  • reparation of the existing regulation system with the modernization of  water steps to improve the water flow and to enable the fish migration in the stream of  Włodzica in Nowa Ruda
  • connection of National Roads – Trasa Sucharskiego. Task II. Section junction Wosia Budzysza – Junction Ku Ujściu
  • construction of Road S-8 Wrocław – Psie Pole – Syców
  • overpass of Jan z Kolna in Gdańsk
  • construction of sewage system, rain drain system and the combined sewage system in Dąbrówka Mała
  • reconstruction of Voivodeship Road 637

Within the Consortium:

  • SKANSKA, NDI – investment monitoring of Motorway A1 Gdańsk-Nowe Marzy
  • SKANSKA – NDI Joint Venture – investment  monitoring of Motorway A-1 within the section  Nowe Marzy (89+450 km) – Czerniewice (151+900 km)