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Polimex Mostostal

Investment Monitoring:

  • construction of  Łódź Regional Tram
  • construction of   Nowohucka Route in  Kraków of destination parameters for an expressway within the section of Junction Bieżanów to Junction Christo Botewa
  • construction of Motorway A-1 from Junction „Sośnica” to Junction „Maciejów” (with the junction) within the task of : Construction of Junction „Sośnica” at the motorway interjunction of Motorways A-1 & A-4 with the section of Motorway A-1 „Sośnica – Maciejów (with the junction)”
  • construction of Motorway A-4 section from Junction Szarów to Junction Brzesko

Within the Consortium:

  • Consortium Doprastav/Polimex Mostostal – investment monitoring of the construction of Motorway A-4, section Rzeszów (Junction Rzeszów Wschód) – Jarosław (Junction Wierzbna)
  • Consortium Polimex Mostostal/Doprastav – investment monitoring of the construction of Expressway 69 Bielsko-Biała – Żywiec – Zwardoń, section Junction Mikuszowice – Żywiec