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Investment Monitoring:

  • modernization of transborder National Road 22 within Gorzów Wlkp.
  • construction of the ring road in  Koszalin
  • construction of the ring road in  Sławno
  • modernization of streets in  Gorzów Wlkp.
  • construction of Motorway A-6 (section Klucz – Kijewo)
  • construction of Quick Tram – the Cracow Municipal Transport
  • construction of office-service-commercial facilities
  • construction of the sewage system of  BARBARA drainage basin in Ruda Śląska
  • reconstruction of  Marynarki Polskiej Street in Gdańsk, section Reja – Wyzwolenia Streets
  • expansion of  National Road 51,section  Barcikowo – Spręcowo
  • construction of manufacturing plant Tarczyński S.A. in Ujeździec Mały
  • construction of Sorting-Dispatching Centre (CER) Poczta Polska (Polish Post) in Wrocław
  • construction of Water Treatment Plant in Jelenia Góra
  • expansion of manufacturing plant SANITEC KOŁO in Włocławek
  • construction of sewage and rain water system in the district of  Stare Tychy
  • reconstruction of National Road 79 in Jaworzno
  • construction of Expressways S-5 and S-10 within the section from Junction Stryszek to Junction Białe Błota
  • construction of the ring road of Raciąż in the traffic route of National Road 60
  • construction of crosstown route  „Zachód” section Z1 – Z2 in Zabrze
  • expansion and modernization of  the Wrocław Sewage System
  • reconstruction and expansion of  “1000-year Amphitheatre” in Opole
  • construction of the west ring road of Mrągowo in the traffic route of National Road 59: Giżycko – Ryn – Mrągowo – Nawiady – Rozogi
  • construction of Motorway A1 Pyrzowice – Piekary Śląskie
  • construction of Streets 17 Stycznia – Cybernetyki from Żwirki i Wigury to Rzymowskiego Street
  • construction of Integrated Centre for Education and Innovation of Pharmaceutical Department of Medical Academy in Wrocław
  • restoration of the historic railway station in  Wrocław Główny with re construction of railway infrastructure
  • construction of Motorway A-4 Dębica Pustynia – Rzeszów Zachodni
  • construction of route S-3 section 3 and 4
  • assessments of causes for bridge destruction over the river Vistula between towns of  Górka and Sokołowice
  • construction of the bridge over the river Vistula near Kwidzyn along with access roads in the traffic route of National Road 90
  • construction of National Road 78 within the section of north ring road of Jędrzejów
  • assessment of harmfulness of mechanical vibrations transferred through the ground caused by house-breaking works by means of hydraulic shears and striking hammer on the neighbouring buildings especially the buildings for Academy of Music in Wrocław
  • expert opinion regarding the building of  Aquamarina in Międzyzdroje
  • construction of the main library of  Univeristy of  Kazimierz Wielki in Bydgoszcz
  • reconstruction and expansion of the Hospital  Wojewódzki Szpital Dziecięcy im. J. Brudzińskiego in Bydgoszcz
  • technical opinion regarding the building situated in Świnoujście Cieszkowskiego Street 3 and 4 to determine the reasons for moistness of cellars and how to rid of it
  • connection of National Roads – Trasa Sucharskiego. Task I. Section  South Ring Road of Gdańsk– Junction Elbląska
  • connection of the airport with the harbour in Gdańsk – Trasa Słowackiego. Task III. Section   J. Hallera Avenue – Junction Marynarki Polskiej Avenue
  • construction of the Congress Centre in Cracow
  • connection of National Roads – Trasa Sucharskiego. Task  I. section South Ring Road of Gdańsk –Junction Elbląska

Within the Consortium:

  • Budimex-Dromex S.A. (Consortium Leader), Strabag Sp. z o.o., Mostostal Warszawa S.A., Warbud S.A. –  investment monitoring of the construction of Expressway S-8, route of  Armii Krajowej section from Junction “Konotopa” to Junction “Prymasa Tysiąclecia”