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Analysis of investments and organization in the CSR context

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility.
The necessity to conduct the above consultations is authorised, among others, by the following legislation:
Activities within the CSR strengthen the position of a business in a local social environment, allow to benefit from local capital. They also make it easier to create a local social environment, and enable to conduct non-stop monitoring of a local community (particularly important in environmental investments, or those deriving from local resources).
The following are realized within the framework of those activities:
  • Identification of stakeholder groups and co-operation with the social environment (Stakeholders Engagement Plan).
  • Auditing, monitoring of standards and CSR norms (in an enterprise, in an enterprise vicinity).
  • Consulting the impact on the social environment.
  • Effectiveness analysis of social activities.
  • Consulting the promotion of an organization on the grounds of social activities.
  • Analysis of the social environment of the investment (needs, expectations, fears, conflicts, capital).