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Cubature Investments

Consulting services for  realized construction-assembly works  (cubature construction in particular being the basis of mutual relations and settlement of accounts between the General Contractor and the Investor/Contract Engineer).

I. Drawing up reports on risk analysis and issuing opinions of general construction projects:
a) defining threats and relations between a contract and technical conditions of performance and acceptance,
b) defining relations between construction supervisors and supervisory technical inspectors,
c) defining conditions of timely realization of the investment  – eliminating the possibility of free intervention of the investor during the progress of the investment.

II. Current verification of contract realization and its compatibility with the specification:
a) analysis and verification of project organization and technology of performance in relation to outside conditions,
b) technical assessment of facilities realized by the General Contractor in order to receive the acceptance by the Employer: verifying the static-strength calculation of the structure, compatibility assessment according to the documentation and current norms for works preformed. Furthermore, non-invasion examination of concrete structure through such devices as: ultrasound concrete scope, profometer (localization of concrete reinforcement, lagging of reinforcement),  Schmidt’s hammer, pull of, all kinds of construction opinions and technical opinions.
c) quantitative and qualitative analysis of performed works especially those disappearing and being covered,
d) current assessment of stage progress of investment realization as whole in comparison to the timetable, its current updates, defining possible causes for departures and performing the analysis of making possible changes beneficial for the General Contractor under conditions agreed upon in the contract.
e) periodical assessment of documentation circulation and its current supplementing,f) complementation of documentation e.g.  certificates,
g) help with filing claims in order to receive funds for extra works resulting from General  Conditions of Assembly-Construction (FIDIC).

III. Participation of specialists with partial and final technical acceptance and  in case of non-acceptance verification of post-acceptance documentation, one-party technical acceptance or possible participation in arbitration or court proceedings.