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System of Road Surface Analysis SAND

The System of Road Surface Analysis SAND drawn up and worked out at Mentor Consulting sp. z o.o. serves as a tool for surveys and the assessment of the surface of the following types of roads: bituminous, concrete and made from concrete elements of small sizes.

The assessment takes place in two stages:

  1. Road surface scanning by means of the broad laser scanning devices mounted on the mobile survey vehicle and preparing all photographic documentation of the road vicinity by means of cameras mounted on the vehicle (mobile part of the system).
  2. Data processing on the stationary desktop computer (stationary part of the system).


Consequently, using the SAND method of road scanning we obtain full road documentation consisting of:

  • Monochromatic laser pictures,
  • Hypsometric reproduction of the road surface where each colours corresponds to damages depth,
  • Graphic reproduction of the road surface with precise plotted and sized damages of different type,
  • Graphs of the profiles,
  • Assesment of differences of road surface deformation,
  • Inventory of horizontal road signs,
  • Calculation of reliable depths of ruts according to the SOSN classification,
  • Maps of road conditions of the surveyed area.

Easy to use Browser allows to browse through the scans of road surface along with photo images of the above.

Laser pictures of road surface.

The development of the innovative system of road surface analysis by Mentor Consulting has been made possible through funds subsidized by the European Union coming from the Regional Operational Programme for Silesian Voivodeship for the years 2007-2011.